What Are The AIH Reward Benefits?

  • All eligible purchases earn a percentage kickback in the form of AIH Cash Rewards.
  • AIH Cash Rewards Customers earn up to 5% back on eligible purchases.
  • AIH Military Rewards Customers earn up to 10% back on all eligible purchases.
  • Purchase history will be retained, so there is no need to keep receipts for AIH Cash Rewards.
  • As a member of the AIH Cash Rewards program, you will be eligible for promotions, discounts, and special events. 
  • Make a purchase(s) every year and your cash rewards/account will never expire.
  • Available AIH Cash Rewards are stated on every invoice or through your website login. 

How Are AIH Cash Rewards Accrued?

  • For every dollar spent on eligible purchases at AIH, will earn you AIH Cash Rewards.

When Can You Use Your AIH Cash Rewards?

  • AIH Rewards will become available within 4-weeks of the purchase date. Once your AIH Cash Rewards become available, they can be used on any future purchase.

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