WHAT ITEMS ARE ON THE WEB? All stocking items, and some OAN (order as needed) items, are on the website. The logic behind the scenes automatically determines when items are web-enabled through the item status. This logic states that any item that is stocking or OAN with a company-wide quantity of 1 or greater.

HOW ARE STORES NOTIFIED OF ONLINE ORDERS FOR STORE PICK UP? When an order for store pickup is placed, the invoice is printed at the counter and an email is delivered to the store with a copy of the order attached.

WHEN CAN THE CUSTOMER EXPECT A PICK-UP ORDER TO BE READY? On the website, we notify the customer there is a 2-hour lead time for them to pick up their order. If the order is done less than 2 hours before the store closes, they are able to pick up their order 2 hours after the store opens.

HOW WILL THE CUSTOMER RECEIVE A COPY OF THE ORDER? An order acknowledgment will be emailed to the customer as soon as they successfully place their order.

WILL THE CUSTOMER BE ABLE TO USE THEIR REWARDS POINTS FOR ONLINE ORDERS? Yes. Customers will be able to see available rewards points in their online account. They will also accrue points when making purchases online, as well as spend available points towards future online purchases.

HOW IS FREIGHT CALCULATED ON THE WEB? USPS freight is calculated via a freight rate table in Atlas. This table is kept up-to-date from the USPS freight rates based on zones across the United States. UPS freight is calculated via a real-time service provided by UPS.

DO YOU SHIP OUT OF STATE? We do not allow shipping of products out of State via our website due to shipping costs. However, if you would like to discuss placing an order for shipment outside of Alaska with our sales team please call 907-276-7201 during normal business hours.


How do I locate the branch closest to me? To find the branch closest to you, go to AIH.com. Click "Find a Store" in the top, right-hand corner of the screen. Then, enter your zip code, city and state, or branch name in the appropriate fields.

When is live chat available? Live Chat is available between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. AKST. To initiate a chat with a web support representative, click "Chat Now" in the chat bubble in the lower right hand corner of the screen. You may choose to complete a contact form if your inquiry is outside of our regular business hours.

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