RDD0924 MFG #: 0924
$11.49 / CAN
Foam & Fill® Window and Door Polyurethane Gun Foam Sealant is specifically formulated for filling, insulating, and sealing around windows and doors. Innovative low pressure and expansion formula eliminates the chance of bowing and provides a full cavity fill. Formulated to meet the requirements of the professional, commercial, industrial, and residential contractor. Takes the shape of all cavities forming a permanent, airtight, and waterproof seal on wood, metal, masonry, glass, and most plastics. It stops air infiltration and in turn prevents heat loss and drafts. It is environmentally safe, contains no CFCs and HCFCs. It is UL listed and an AAMA Verified Component.
  • Item Features
  • Low pressure and low expansion formula that fills gaps w/o wrapping, bending, or bowing window and door frames during installation
  • Environmentally safe, contains no CFCs and HCFCs, is UL listed, and an AAMA Verified Component
  • Remains flexible after cure
  • Repels moisture, seals against air penetration, provides a high, long-term insulation value and increases energy efficiency
  • When gun foam dispenser is in use, bead size is controlled by flow control knob