Plott Carta 12.5-in Measuring Wheel

NWI906232 MFG #: 906232
$249.00 / each
The first measurement wheel to virtually map a space, Carta draws the path walked in real time over real world images and blueprints. Add notes, images and videos to a project to create a command center in the app. Files and designs can be shared via text message or email to keep accurate record of work when estimating. Carta records angle in addition to distance and can automatically calculate area or perimeter of any space or shape, saving time and eliminating the need to do complex math on the job. When finished mapping out a project, revisit points to build with Carta's guidance mode.
  • Item Features
  • The first measuring wheel to draw the path you walk over imported images or blueprints
  • Automatically calculates area and distance with a measuring accuracy of 99.98%
  • Units can be displayed in feet, feet and inches, inches, yards or meters
  • IP54 industry grade for protection against dust, moisture and water splashes