1/4" X 2-1/4" TFH SCREW KWIK-CON 100/PKG

HTI2260094 MFG #: 2260094
$99.95 / each
Screw Anchor Kwik-Con+ 1/4"x2-1/4" TFH. Versatile, high-performance screw anchor for concrete and masonry (carbon steel, countersunk flat head with Torx®)
  • Item Features
  • Easier and quicker installation with just one tool
  • Torx® flat head (countersunk) for more secure driving and no bit slippage
  • Durable design minimizes risk of head snaps
  • Material, corrosion: Carbon steel, zinc-plated
  • Head configuration: Countersunk Torx
  • Bit size: T27
  • Reusable (and removable): Not Possible
  • Material composition: Steel, zinc-plated (min. 8 µm)