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  • Electronic fuel injection technology; by eliminating the engine choke and controlling the fuel system digitally, EFI optimizes fuel efficiency and eliminates most fuel related problems
  • Inverter technology tightly controls the engine and regulates power, further optimizing fuel efficiency and greatly lowering sound level; safely power all your devices and sensitive electronic equipment knowing that the power output will remain stable at all times
  • Dual wave technology takes full digital control over both voltage and current, resulting in a steady output even at peak wattage and during rapid load changes; this technology makes powering tools such as circular saws and angle grinders easy
  • Fully automated system makes starting a 1 step process; no need to mess with a choke, throttle, and fuel valve when everything is controlled by the EFI and digital inverter; easy startups every time, premium lithium-ion battery included
  • Cold-Start technology included with the EFI system makes startup in sub-zero temperatures a non-issue by setting the choke and throttle for an easy startup
  • Designed from the ground up for professional environments; 10" solid rubber wheels will never go flat, 32 mm steel tubing around the entire frame, and a top-mounted folding handle that reduces the amount of lift needed to move around to a minimum
  • Includes a 14-50 receptacle capable of 50 Amp at 120-Volt (27 Amp at 240-Volt); also included is an L14-30 120/240-Volt twist-lock outlet, L5-30 120-Volt twist-lock outlet, and dual 5-20 120-Volt outlets; heavy duty voltage switch allows 120-Volt (54 Amp) or 120/240-Volt (27 Amp) operation, all outlets are usable in both operations
  • Large 5.5 Gal. tank with a gravity-fed fuel system requires no priming and fewer refills; threadless fuel cap easily opens and closes securely; an integrated fuel gauge mounted on the top of the tank clearly shows fuel level
  • At an electrical load of 4,900-Watts (75% load) the run time is 9.1 hours; at an electrical load of 1,600-Watt (25% load) the run time is 15.5 hours
  • Multi-meter displays the voltage (V), output frequency (Hz), engine speed (rpm), session runtime, and total lifetime runtime (H/M)
  • With EcoMode activated the automatic throttle dynamically changes output to conserve fuel and extend run time by only generating the power you need; variable voltage safe
  • Rubber covers protect the outlets and switches from moisture and dirt when not in use
  • EFI keeps track of all parameters at all times, including your exact elevation; normal operation is possible at an elevation below 0 and up to 16,400' above sea level, because of the variable fuel pressure system

Key Technical Data
  • Engine Displacement (cc): 420
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons): 5.5
  • Full load fuel consumption (gallons/hour): .5
  • Horsepower (hp): 15 hp
  • Number of circuits/outlets: 5
  • Operational Volume (dB): 79
  • Outlet Type: 120V 20A,120V 30A,120V 50A,240V 30A,240V 50A
  • Power Type: Gasoline
  • Product Weight (lb.): 190 lbs
  • Running Wattage: 6500
  • Starting Wattage: 7500
  • Start Type: Electric Switch,Recoil Start