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PAST2695 $64.99 In Stock
16 Gauge Standard Crown (1/2") Staples Galvanized for corrosion protection. Extra strong and won't fall apart if dropped!
AMF20430A $10.39 In Stock
Features tamperproof, non-removable swivel tip. Built-in restrictors limit pressure to 30 PSI when inlet pressure is 150 PSI or less, and prevents buildup in case of outlet obstruction. OSHA compliant when used on air line of 150 PSI or less. Note: For use on regulated compressed air lines only. Use of safety goggles, chip barrier screens, ear protection and other personal safety equipment is recommended. Inlet Size In.: 1/4 NPTF Outlet Size In.: 1/8
AMF406L $2.49 In Stock
For use with Amflo lock-on hoses. Requires no ferrules or clamps. 10 fittings per pkg. Note: Not for use with conventional hoses. For Hose ID In.: 3/8 Conn. In. NPT: 1/4
AMF425D $12.95 In Stock
Standard-duty; constructed from Nylon 11. Features dual 1/4" swivel fittings. Yellow. Display pack. Dia. In.: 1/4 Lgth. Ft.: 25
RDD00633 $10.99 In Stock
Fits standard brooms or extension poles. For scraping in high, hard-to-reach places. 3" high-carbon steel blade. Desc.: Bent blade
RIR03718 $18.99 In Stock
The staple-bound notebook features a Field Flex cover flexible enough to slip into a pocket while defending against the elements. Patented paper is water-resistant and of archival grade.
SEN10601 $28.49 In Stock
Features galvanized finish with chisel point. T-head style head. Great for furniture and woodworking.
ARI19193 $6.99 In Stock
USB charging adapters for cell phones. Assorted colors. 120V AC charging adapter.
SEWC10NS $499.95 In Stock
Designed to close bags made for such materials as jute, cotton, linen, paper, burlap, plastic and waterproofed materials. The motor is totally enclosed and sealed, portable, trigger-type switch, uses standard needles, uses popular type thread cones, protected cutting blades sever the thread after the bag is closed, easily adapted for stationary or suspended use without loss of portable features and starts sewing any thickness without raising s presser foot.
SPA92041 $129.00 Out of Stock
Rectangular shape with rounded back corners for better gripping. Scale width graduated to fill the entire face of rod and a measuring scale on the backside that allows for overall height readings. Top section features a 1/4 x 20 female adapter. Fiberglass is waterproof, corrosion resistant and non-conductive.
SPH01005 $125.99 In Stock
High heat, high impact nylon construction. Extremely lightweight. 180 ADF holder lens and lens anchor set. 23 sq. in. viewing area. Fixed shade 3/10. 9-point adjustable halo headgear with replaceable sweat absorbent headband. ANSI approved.
STA15206 $5.99 In Stock
Designed for making cutouts in plasterboard. Epoxy-bonded blade ferruled to stained wood handle. Blade Lgth. In.: 6
STA47400 $1.89 In Stock
Magnet is attracted to steel nails in drywall. Notched base facilitates marking. Dim. In. H x W x L: 1-3/8 x 1-1/4 x 1-3/8
STK8HUB $18.99 In Stock
Measures 2" x 2". 25 per bundle. Lgth. In.: 8
TBTT3 $90.99 In Stock
For use with MAPP Tip Sz. In.: 7/16 Gas Flow Lbs/Hr. @ 24 PSI: .20 Gas Flow Lbs/Hr. @ 36 PSI: .25
THU70306 $15.95 In Stock
Solid steel construction with zinc plating. Spring loaded and retractable. Wider hook hangs on floor joists up to 2-1/4" wide. For Hitachi(NR83A2, NR83AA2, NR90AC2), Stanley Bostich(N88RH-1) and Porter-Cable (FR350) nailers.
TNF00015 $7.89 In Stock
Includes gun collar and applicator nozzle. Size Oz.: 12
TNKTTR77 $729.99 In Stock
Legal for Gas, Diesel, Methanol, Kerosene, Aviation fuel and other liquids, Commercial grade lockable vent/prevent filler cap. Dim: H x L x W. 19" x 57" x 18". USDOT approved.
TRK2700001 $374.99 Out of Stock
No rust aluminum construction with dual stage powder coating to resist wear and match the finish quality of the truck. Easily removable due to using single axis clamps. Adjustable composite loop tie downs. Includes front and rear aluminum racks, eight single axis clamps and four adjustable crossbar loop tie downs. 800 lb. capacity.
TRM121006C $63.99 In Stock
Polyethylene wound on laminated core. Conforms to product standard PS 17-69. Width Ft.: 12 Lgth. Ft.: 100 Thick. Mil: 6 Wt. Lbs.: 34.4 Other: Economy Rolls
WAYRUP160 $68.99 In Stock
Pumps Up To 3000 GPH; Reinforced Thermoplastic Oil-Free Submersible Utility Pump; Corrosion-Resistant Reinforced Thermoplastic Housing, Volute, And Impeller; Bottom Suction Design Filters and Removes Water Down To 3/8" Of Surface; 1-1/4" NPS Discharge With 3/4" Garden Hose Adapter Included: Oil-Free Design Protects Aquatic Life. Uses: Draining Flooded Basements, Emptying Water Filled Boats, And Removing Water From Sinks, Stock Tanks And Flat Roofs; Easy Carry Handle For Portability.
WEL26687 $25.99 In Stock
25-Watt Soldering Iron Kit has everything you need to get started soldering. An ideal choice for hobbies, crafts, and small electronics work. Contains a soldering iron, stand, nickel-plated tips, solder, and soldering aid. The featherweight soldering pencil is comfortable and easy to use for even the most inexperienced hobbyist, and the high-temperature heating element with on/off indicator light lets you know when it's safe to start soldering.
WGD390002 $899.99 In Stock
Aluminum diamond plated with clear ARMOR TUF powder coat. Drill resistant lock core and three-point latching system. Rain gutter and full-weather seal keeps moisture out of the box and your equipment. Top-mounted removable parts bin keeps items organized. 11.1 cubic feet.
BEP10044 $94.99 In Stock
BE Pressure Washer Sandblaster Kit easily removes paint and graffiti from wood, metal, and most other surfaces. Sandblasts without the dust of regular sandblasters and can connect to most commercial or residential pressure washers with quick connect fittings. Max Pressure - 3,500PSI, Max Flow is10 Gallons Per Minute.
WIM54011 $34.99 In Stock
Plastic construction. Pair. Width In.: 21
BEP14117 $16.99 In Stock
Used for hard to reach areas, has a 1/4" female pipe thread adapter and has an insulated built in hand grip. Length: 59" (4.91feet).
BEP14636 $179.99 In Stock
7HP replacement horizontal motor. "Power Ease" gas engine. 3/4" keyed shaft.
BEPBE6500 $799.00 In Stock
PowerEase engine with electric start. Features low oil shutdown, AVR and 8" wheel kit. 13HP. 5.5-gal. fuel tank capacity with a maximum runtime of 7 hours at full load. 74dB noise level @ 7m. Receptacles include four 115V AC standard, one 115V twistlock, one 230V twistlock and one 12V DC. 389cc output. 6500 maximum watts with 5500 running watt output.
BEPPE3170 $349.00 In Stock
210cc Power Ease engine with RX705 pump. Powder coated steel frame with 10" pneumatic tires. Low oil shutdown. Includes spray gun, lance, chemical injector and 25' high pressure hose. 7 HP, 2.3 GPM and 3100 PSI.
BEPWP2070 $229.99 In Stock
210cc Power Ease engine with 0.95 gal. capacity. Centrifugal aluminum pump with heavy duty cast iron impeller. Recoil start and low oil shutdown. 2" intake and outlet connection MNPT. 82' total lift and 26' suction lift. 7 HP and 158 GPM.
BEPWP3065 $599.00 In Stock
GX200 196cc Honda engine with 0.82 gal. fuel tank capacity. Recoil start and low oil alert. Centrifugal aluminum pump with heavy duty cast iron impeller. 3" intake and oulet connection MNPT. 85' total lift and 26' suction lift. 6.5 HP and 264 GPM.
BMEGLM20 $49.99 In Stock
The Bosch BLAZE GLM 20 takes instant and reliable measurements up to 65 Ft.
BMEGLM40 $99.95 In Stock
Laser Measure provides precise measurements of length, area and volume, with an accuracy of +/-1/16". Continuous-length measurement mode automatically adjusts measurements when walking off distances. A three line backlit display and an IP54 rating.
BMEGPL3 $109.00 In Stock
The Bosch GPL3 3-point laser alignment with self leveling plumb and level point projection accurately transfers and aligns level, plumb, 90-degree, and grade points. It has a patented diamond-cut beam splitter and a single diode that projects all points for superior accuracy.
CAMMP2847 $36.99 In Stock
This kit provides you the guaranteed satisfaction of knowing you have the right accessories when you are using your air compressor. Includes: (1) Blowgun, (1) Safety nozzle, (1) Inflation adapter, (1) Tapered inflation nozzle, (1) Inflation needle, (1) Dual foot air chuck, (1) Tire gauge, (6) Plugs, (2) Male coupling, (1) Female coupling. Specifications: I/M 1/4", Weight: 1.43 lbs., Dimensions: 10.75" H X 1.2" W X 7.75" D
CAMMP2966 $18.69 In Stock
Includes blowgun, safety nozzle, inflator adapter, tapered inflation nozzle, inflation needle, air chuck, I/M 1/4" NPTF coupler, I/M 1/4" NPTM plug, I/M 1/4" NPTF plug, 1/4" NPTF coupling. Desc.: 10-pc. air line accessory kit
CAMMP5138 $20.49 In Stock
General-purpose 5-micron filter removes most solid and liquid contaminants from airflow, including dust, dirt, scale, water and oil. See-through bowl for monitoring fluid level. Manual drain. 1/4" female NPT connections. Provides up to 21 SCFM @ 90 PSI. Max. PSI: 150 Connections In.: 1/4 NPT Female
CAMST1270 $3.19 In Stock
Mix of lubricant and Stoddard solvent extends air tool life. Size Oz.: 8
CHP12811 $77.99 In Stock
Combines filter and regulator into one design. Features 40 or 5 micron filter element, bowl guard and balanced poppet valve. 0-125 PSI pressure range. Pipe Size In.: 1/4
CHP12880 $55.99 In Stock
Compact design with 3/8" die-cast aluminum body. Fixed delivery rate for even lubrication. Features tamperproof cap and 3.8 oz. bowl with guard. 150 PSI maximum supply pressure. Pipe Size In.: 3/8
CHP92128 $15.99 In Stock
Designed with chrome-plated case and glass lens. Features 3-2-3% accuracy and 2" dial size. Pressure Range PSI: 0-160
CLI4065 $79.95 In Stock
For completing plans, layouts, bids and estimates in the field or office. Provides feet-inch-fraction construction-math capabilities. Features built-in solutions and preference settings. Includes protective sliding cover. Desc.: Construction Master
DWTD55146 $369.00 In Stock
1.8 HP Continuous, 200 PSI, 4.5 Gallon Compressor 5.2 SCFM @ 90 PSI, Vertical stand feature and collapsible handle, 200 PSI max tank storage pressure. 10" non-flat foam tires allow for easy transportation around the jobsite. 4.5 gal. Tank.
ENR10740 $659.99 In Stock
Features internal pressure relief valve for overload protection. External load release valve for single-acting cylinder operation. No. P-80. Two-speed for reduced operator fatigue. Use where greater oil capacities are required, or where cylinder plunger must advance rapidly to contact load. Maximum handle effort of 104 lbs. 134 cu. in. oil capacity. Pressure Rating PSI 1st Stage: 350 Pressure Rating PSI 2nd Stage: 10,000 Oil Disp. Cu. In.* 1st Stage: .99 Oil Disp. Cu. In.* 2nd Stage: .15
ENR20120 $46.49 In Stock
3/8" NPT Couplers. Desc.: Female
FAN50250 $62.99 In Stock
Full round head. Desc.: 2-3/8" x .113 SM Other: Electro Galvanized
FIS14X26 $1.49 In Stock
14" W x 26" L. Desc.: Biodegradable burlap
FOR1216C $134.99 In Stock
Super-heavy duty industrial drab green canvas. Water/mildew resistent. Double stiched hems and seams. Brass grommets approx. every 18".
GEN1261-0 $1.89 In Stock
For use in repairing canvas, tarps, tents, awnings and more. Kit contains grommets with hole cutter and backer block, hardened mandrel and anvil. Setting tool with knurled body and size markings. Cutter and setting tool are heat treated and plated with black oxide. Desc.: 1/4" refill w/ 24 grommets Other: Brass Grommet Refills
GLO00108 $57.99 In Stock