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PAS402500 $49.99 In Stock
For use with older cordless nailers that require tall stick batteries. Desc.: Rechargeable stick battery
PAST2258 $63.99 In Stock
16 Gauge Standard Crown (1/2") Staples Galvanized for corrosion protection. Extra strong and won't fall apart if dropped!
AMF99005 $3.59 In Stock
For blowing out lines or for delicate cleaning tasks where metal tip may cause damage. Pkg. Qty.: 1
AMFCP903 $3.89 In Stock
Type F plated steel couplers with hardened steel balls and stainless steel springs. Max. 300 PSI. Desc.: 3/8" NPT male
RDD4218 $9.39 In Stock
High carbon precision-ground steel blade extends through black poly handle. Blade lacquered for rust resistance. Brass plated, solid steel nail setting head. Lgth In.: 6
RIR00991 $13.99 In Stock
Tip expands so lead won't break, wobble, twist or fall out. Strong resin barrel fits comfortably in your hand. Made in the USA.
RIR85115 $19.99 In Stock
Copy or laser print your own all-weather forms, charts, maps, and worksheets on patented 8 1/2" x 11" Rite in the Rain All Weather Copier Paper. Now you can have the convenience of using your existing data sheets on a paper that can survive in any weather condition.
RKWRK9003 $159.00 In Stock
Over 1 ton of maximum clamping force. Solid, all-steel construction provides rigidity and strength. Foot pedal lever creates hands-free clamping force. Portable folding design for space-saving storage. Integrated roller for easy transportation.
RSE70635 $309.99 In Stock
Truck rack designed to fit almost any size pickup truck bed. Carries ladders, extension cords, and landscape equipment. 800 lbs. load capacity.
SDS61901 $21.49 Out of Stock
Finds edges of studs & joints up to 3/4" deep; Deep Scan mode finds studs up to 1-1/2" deep; Wide LCD array indicates when you approach stud Wire Warning is active in all modes, Automatically detects hot AC wires up to 2" deep.
SEN325FRH $229.00 In Stock
Ergonomic design uses less air to drive nails. Retractable rafter hanger. Reduced jams and mis-feeds. Low profile design fits easily between studs and joists. Contact or sequential trigger actuation.
SENSQS55XP $499.00 In Stock
Pneumatic Staplers. 15 Ga. - 7/16" - Standard Crown Heavy wire stapler shoots up to 15 staples per second, has adjustable depth of drive, adjustable power for softer drives, EZ-Clear latch, and adjustable exhaust. Magazine capacity: 130 staples. Staple length capacity: 1-1/4" to 2-1/2".
SHP10320 $79.99 In Stock
It is ideal for drying floors, walls, and ceilings. With 2 positions it is able move air in any position. It has on board outlets for plugging in multiple units.
SPA7321-40 $64.95 In Stock
Made of light and durable alloy. Sections are anodized, silk-screened with moisture resistant ink and extend to 13' 1-3/8". Each section uses sturdy polycarbonate buttons that lock each section when extended. Height gauge on back.
STK12HUB $20.99 In Stock
Measures 2" x 2". 25 per bundle. Lgth. In.: 12
TBTPLDLXPT $234.99 In Stock
Durable Tool Bag, Self-lighting PL-3T Tip. Ergonomic torch handle. STK-R Regulator (CGA-600) and much more.
TBTT2 $88.99 In Stock
For use with MAPP Tip Sz. In.: 5/16 Gas Flow Lbs/Hr. @ 24 PSI: .14 Gas Flow Lbs/Hr. @ 36 PSI: .17
TNF04000 $6.59 In Stock
For filling gaps or cracks around window frames, door jambs and elsewhere around the house. Expanding low-pressure polyurethane foam seals and insulates without affecting window/door frame stability. Size Oz.: 12 Color: Bright white
TNF29940 $45.99 In Stock
Fan nozzles for TNF200 and TNF600. 25 per pack. Yellow.
TRM121004C $42.49 In Stock
Polyethylene wound on laminated core. Conforms to product standard PS 17-69. Width Ft.: 12 Lgth. Ft.: 100 Thick. Mil: 4 Wt. Lbs.: 22.9 Other: Economy Rolls
TSULB800 $589.99 In Stock
A powerful pump built with durable materials in an easy to handle design. With top discharge capability for maximum motor cooling efficiency, allowing continuous duty operation at low water levels and extended dry-run capability. Features: Designed to fit an 8" pipe; Up to 60' shut off head; Longer cable extensions; Double inside mechanical seal with SIC faces provides the longest operational life; Oil lifter provides lubrication of the seal faces.
UWS85COMBO $869.99 In Stock
Heavy duty aluminum alloy construction with 0.063" aluminum one-piece tub and lid. Features commercial grade vented cap and mounting flanges for proper ventilation, fully foamed lid, stainless steel lock handles, connecting rod enclosure and self-closing struts. MicroSeal stripping seals out moisture, dust and dirt. Lid opens 90 degrees for easy loading and unloading of tools and equipment. 85-gallon capacity. 48" W x 34" D x 26" H.
VHN21001 $34.99 In Stock
Full polished head with milled, crowned face 1-3/4" cut blade. Also features flat nailing head on opposite end. Flame-treated hickory handle. Head Wt. Oz.: 12 Lgth. In.: 15-1/4
VIC54859 $589.99 In Stock
Includes CSR 450 Series regulator; 315FC torch handle; CA 2460 cutting attachment; "2-W" welding nozzle; 1-1-101 cutting tip. Desc.: Welding/cutting kit
WACWP1550A $2,389.99 Out of Stock
For compacting granular or mixed materials in construction of parking lots, highways, curbs and abutments. Designed with iron baseplate, aluminum console and beltguard. Features 4-cycle, single cylinder gas engine, high inertia clutch with adjustable shims, and front lift cage. Baseplate measures 19.5" W x 23" L. VPM: 6000 RPM: 3600 Fuel Cap. Qts.: 3.8 Forward Speed Ft./Min.: 100
WAYCDU790 $143.99 In Stock
Durable cast iron housing, Epoxy-Coated steel, and ceramic seal for long life and quiet operation. Features overload protection to keep the motor from overheating and top suction strainer to virtually eliminate clogs. Thermoplastic top assembly will not rust or corrode. Designed for 11 inch diameter or larger sump basins.
WEL14433 $59.99 In Stock
Includes 8200 dual heat soldering gun, coil of 60/40 lead-free solder, soldering tip, smoothing tip, cutting tip, flux brush and soldering aid tool. Rugged plastic case. 120V, 50/60 Hz. UL and CUL listed. Watts: 140/100
WIM02428 $69.99 In Stock
Auto darkening injection molded helmet features high/low sensitivity adjustment, variable shade control from DIN9 to DIN13 and darkens in 1/20,000 of a second. View area 3.86" x 1.57". Tilt and headband adjust with easy ratcheting knobs. Working temperature: 23 to 131 degrees-F.
BEP10005 $45.49 In Stock
A complete replacement pressure washer spray gun and lance with an industrial-grade spray gun, a 36" lance, and quick connect fittings. For use with pressure washers up to 4,000 PSI maximum pressure. Comes with 1/4" quick connect coupler on lance and 3/8" quick connect plug on gun.
BEP10533 $8.29 In Stock
Non -detergent and non-foaming. Specially formulated and rated for superior rust protection and oxidation protection. Not for use in engine.
BEP13163 $49.97 In Stock
5100 PSI Max Rotary Nozzle. This rotary nozzle cleans faster than a regular nozzle. It is great for stripping paint or cleaning concrete surfaces. Use this with any pressure washer equipped with a quick connect. 1/4" Quick Connect Inlet. Size #040 Nozzle.
WIR16 $4.99 In Stock
Tie wires. Desc.: 400' 16-1/2 gauge
BEP17136 $679.99 In Stock
210cc Powerease Engine, Recoil Start & Low Oil Shutdown, Fuel tank capacity is 0.95 gal. Comes with a 12' (2") suction hose and a 50' (1.5") discharge hose. 126 GPM max flow, centrifugal aluminum pump, and a heavy duty aluminum impeller. Has 197' total lift and 26' suction lift.
ZIP20285 $38.99 In Stock
Easily creates dust barrier to seal doorway. Includes two heavy duty pre-installed zippers and ZipWall double sided tape. Can be easily repositioned for up to 1-hour. Meets EPA requirements. Reusable.
BEPTP4013 $1,699.00 In Stock
GX390 389cc Honda engine with 1.8 gal. fuel tank capacity. Recoil start and low oil alert. 4" intake and outlet connection MNPT will move up 1" solids. 95' total lift and 26' suction lift. 13 HP and 506 GPM.
BME17632 $69.99 In Stock
CST/Berger 17-632 round hand level features a 6 inch long, round-tube design, and has an adjustable eyepiece with 2X magnification. Total length extended is 8". For excavating, landscaping, masonry, and other quick leveling tasks.
BMEGLL2 $79.95 In Stock
Horizontal and vertical line modes project two lines independently or together. One-button operation makes it easy to select between horizontal, vertical, and cross line modes or turn the tool on/off. Flexible mounting device conveniently clamps to multiple surfaces for quick and easy setup. Smart pendulum leveling system self-levels, senses and indicates out-of level condition. Switch slider to lock for transport.
BMI22920 $1,999.00 Out of Stock
Designed for a single operator to level an entire area. Adjustable handles and handle mounted throttle with on/off switch. Vibration is minimized with impact absorbing mounting system. High frequency vibration disperses and levels concrete without build-up. Lightweight for esay transport. Simple and fast blade charging. Cutting and smoothing in a single operation. Blades are interchangeable with other wet screed units. Comes with 4' and 12' blades.
BMIB446QP $3,289.99 Out of Stock
Features: Adjustable Handle, Heavy Duty Clutch, Precision Balanced &Rugged Construction. Accurate troweling of wet concrete in areas such as: Warehouses, Factories, Floor Slabs, Bridge Decks, Car Parks.
BNK103004 $6.29 In Stock
3/4" hose threads. Pipe and hose threads comply with ANSI standards. Valve Size In.: 3/4
Showing 31 - 40 of 15550 Results
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