AquaPlumb C5677 Water-Saving Toilet Tank Repair Kit with Adjustable Float Fill Valve

HBC56775 MFG #: C5677
$14.49 / KIT
Versatile Toilet Rebuild Kit This AquaPlumb Toilet Repair Kit is a quick and easy way to replace the complicated mechanisms in your toilet’s tank whenever they’re corroded, broken or outdated. The versatile kit can be used to repair most standard-sized toilets from the leading brands, and the valve is made with an anti-siphon design that helps to prevent contaminated water from being sucked into the fresh water supply. Adjustable Design The height of the float fill valve adjusts from 9” to 13”, which allows it to fit neatly into a wide range of different toilet models. The float can also be adjusted to help ensure that the water fills to just the right level, and a positive shut-off function helps to prevent the tank from overfilling. Water-Saving Flapper The kit comes equipped with a flapper that reduces water consumption, helping to conserve natural resources and to save you money on your water bills. It’s made from tough, hard plastic for long-lasting performance, and it can be adjusted to help maximize your savings. Durable Construction The components of the toilet ballcock replacement are made from rugged materials that can easily endure the rigors of daily use in a busy home or office bathroom. The float valve is chemical resistant, which helps to keep it in peak condition longer.
  • Item Features
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: This integral float fill valve fits into the tanks of most standard-sized toilets with ease, making it a convenient replacement part for almost any bathroom.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: The height of the fill valve adjusts from 9" to 13" tall, which allows you to customize it to just the right size to fit into your toilet’s tank.
  • WATER-SAVING FLAPPER: The toilet repair kit comes equipped with a flapper that helps to reduce water consumption, saving natural resources and helping to lower your expenses.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The float valve is made from durable, chemical-resistant materials that are strong enough to endure the rigors of daily use in a busy home or office.
  • POSITIVE SHUT-OFF: The toilet ballcock replacement has a convenient, positive shut-off function that helps to prevent the tank from overfilling after each flush and spilling water onto the floor.