Tingley Flite™ 26256-06 Knee Boots, Men's, SZ 6, 15 in H, Polymer Upper, Nitrile Outsole, Resists: Fats, Oils, Hydrocarbons, Certain Acids and Caustics, ASTM F2413 M I/75 C/75 EH

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  • Series: 26256
  • Gender: Men's
Tingley Flite™ Knee Boots, Series: 26256, Men's Gender, SZ 6, 15 in Height, Blue/Red, Chevron-Plus® Sole, Pull On Closure, Polymer Upper, Polymer Midsole, Nitrile Outsole, Nylon Shank, Resists: Fats, Oils, Hydrocarbons, Certain Acids and Caustics, Specifications Met: ASTM F2413 M I/75 C/75 EH
  • Features
  • Chevron Plus®, outsole spits out debris slip-resistance on wet contaminated surfaces
  • Durable, seamless upper is 100% liquidproof
  • Slip-resistant, nitrile rubber outsole provides superior grip on dry, wet and contaminated surfaces
  • Tiny air bubbles trapped within the material keep feet warm in the cold and cooler in the heat
  • Aerex 1.5.5™ is anti-fatigue studies show that every pound reduced in footwear weight is like 5 pounds off your back and 5% less energy expended
  • Calf-relief topline (CRT)™ is not only stylish, it provides easier ON and off and roomier calf space
  • Beveled heel for reduced back and leg strain
  • Tread wear indicators to show when half the tread has worn away
  • Superior chemical resistance to fats, oils, hydrocarbons, certain acids and caustics makes Flite™ an excellent choice for food processing and petrochemical applications