Milwaukee® SAWZALL™ 48-00-5790 Double Duty Straight Back Reciprocating Saw Blade, 9 in L x 1 in W, 24, Bi-Metal Body, Toothed Edge/Universal Tang

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  • Length: 9
  • Series: The Torch™
  • Type: Double Duty Straight Back
Milwaukee® SAWZALL™ Reciprocating Saw Blade, Double Duty Straight Back, Series: The Torch™, 9 in Length, 1 in Width, 0.042 in Thickness, 24, Matrix II Teeth, 1/2 in Tang, Toothed Edge/Universal Tang, HSS-Co 8 Cutting Edge, Bi-Metal Body, Bright, White, Applicable Materials: EMT and Sheet Metal
  • Features
  • Optimized tooth design providing 2X more life than our previous generation Sawzall™ blades
  • Tough Neck™ ribs strengthen the blade tang and minimize breakage
  • Grid Iron™ honeycomb pattern increases blade rigidity to resist blade buckling
  • Bi-metal blades feature a toothed edge made from high speed steel (HSS) attached to a flexible steel backing through an electron beam welding process, this configuration results in a blade that makes precise cuts while resisting breakage
  • Straight-backed blades are used for cutting straight edges
  • The cutting surface of a toothed edge is composed of a row of pointed teeth