Adventure Medical Kits 0115-0450 Marine 450 First Aid Kit Coast Guard Approved

BEN10450 MFG #: 0115-0450
$179.99 / KIT
Be safe, wherever life on your boat may take you! The Coast Guard approved Marine 450 First Aid Kit from ADVENTURE MEDICAL is ideal for 1-6 people in a coastal vessel who might be 6 hours away from professional care. The kit's TRU® Zip technology keeps your first aid supplies, and anything else you add (there's room to spare), dustproof and waterproof--even if submerged for 30 minutes in up to 1 meter of water. In addition to wound/burn/blister care items, medications, fracture/sprain supplies, and an emergency blanket, this kit also includes expert advice in Marine Medicine: A Comprehensive Guide by Eric W. Weiss, MD and Michael Jacobs, MD--a detailed resource to help identify and treat over 200 injuries and illnesses specifically related to marine medicine.  Coast Guard Approval #160.054/23/0
  • Item Features
  • For crew sizes of 1-6 people. Includes book Marine Medicine: A Comprehensive Guide. Also includes CPR Face Shield, 90% Heat Reflective Emergency Blanket, 1" x 18" Tourniquet, Wound Closure Strips, 1 oz eyewash, Medications, Dressings, Bandages & much more
  • Size:4.5 x 10.5 x 7.0 in.
  • Weight:4.5
  • Group Size:1 - 6 People
  • Trip Duration:< 6 Hrs from Medical Care
  • Item #:0115-0450