$24.49 / each
  • Dimensions: 41-Inches Long In
  • Series: My Helper
  • Type: HD
Easily extendable from 41 in. to 60 in. this snow brush for cars makes it easy to reach up and over even the largest of vehicles. You'll be thankful for the, insulated cushion grip on this vehicle snow brush, especially if you forgot your gloves at home. Offering strength as well as comfort, its aluminum construction is lightweight without sacrificing durability. For another layer of convenience, this snow brush and scraper folds flat for easy storage. Quickly and easily store it in a safe, out-of-the-way spot such as your trunk or under a car seat. This car snow scraper and brush auto-locks in the desired position, so you can adjust it as needed and secure it in place. It also features a removable ice scraper for fast and easy use. It also helps to eliminate the possibility of scratching your vehicle's paint job while clearing your car of snow. The snow brush/squeegee head features 7 positions, so you can angle is as needed for greater versatility when clearing snow.
  • Item Features
  • Extendable to accommodate larger vehicles: this snow brush extends from 41 in. to 60 in. and locks securely in place, so you get the exact reach you need
  • Strength and comfort: constructed from lightweight aluminum with an insulated cushion grip, the car brush is designed for lasting durability and comfortable use
  • Conveniently folds flat: keep your vehicle snow brush stowed in a convenient, easy-to-reach spot, it folds flat for easy storage under your seat or in your trunk
  • Removable ice scraper: the ice scraper quickly removes ice and frost from windows and is removable for fast and easy use and to help protect vehicle's finish
  • Accesses hard-to-reach areas: the snow brush/squeegee head features 7 positions, so you can clear even hard-to-reach areas on your ca