Ajax 922 Angle Chisel, Rivet Zip Gun, 1-3/8 in Wide High Grade Alloy Steel Tip, 6-3/4 in OAL, 1-3/8 in W Blade

CPA922 MFG #: 922
$21.49 / EACH
  • Blade Width: 1-3/8 in
  • Chisel Style: Rivet Zip Gun
  • Material: High Grade Alloy Steel
  • Overall Length: 6-3/4 in
  • Stock Shape: Turn Style
  • Stock Size: 0.401 in
  • Tip Material: High Grade Alloy Steel
  • Tip Size: 1-3/8 in
  • Tip Type: Wide
Ajax Angle Chisel, Wide Tip, 1-3/8 in Tip, Turn Style Stock, 0.401 in Stock, High Grade Alloy Steel Tip, 1-3/8 in Blade Width, 6-3/4 in Overall Length, Rivet Zip Gun Chisel Style, High Grade Alloy Steel
  • Application
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For automotive, construction and industrial
  • These chisels are offered in various shank and point styles and receive varying degrees of hardness to fit the specific application that is required
  • This class of chisels is used for metal cutting, scraping, splitting and driving applications