WIMW2683 MFG #: W2683
$24.99 / EACH
PT Power FirePoint 450+ Lumen Rechargeable Dual Beam LED Headlamp. Includes Rechargeable LI-Poly Battery with Power Indicator Light, USB-C Charging Port & Cable. Features Touch-Free Sensor Mode, Simply Wave Your Hand Across the Sensor to Turn ON/OFF.
  • Item Features
  • FULL AREA ILLUMINATION: flexible silicone band and LED board provide over 200° of wide angle light, illuminating your peripheral vision
  • VARIABLE OUTPUT SYSTEM: dual 21+ 1 LED light sources, each with high/low output provide as little as 50lm for low light needs, all the way up to 450 lumens
  • RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM ION POWER: 1200mah polymer rechargeable battery, with power indicator light, USB-C charging port and cable
  • Flexible operation features touch-free sensor mode: select desired output, and press signal button. Power indicator will turn orange. Then simply wave your have across the power pack to turn on/off
  • Comfortable, low profile and lightweight design features adjustable head band with reflective strip
  • Specifications: Spot-Low: 51.5lm, 6.5 hr runtime; High: 123.3lm, 4.5 hr runtime; Beam-Low: 139.5lm, 3.5 hr runtime; High: 465.9lm, 2.5 hr runtime; charging time: 3 hr; item weight: 2.7oz (77g)