Barnel Professional Loppers

$93.99 / each
with high leverage and minimal effort, loppers are the tool that cuts through if it fully fits between the blades. Barnel Professional Loppers are built with professionals in mind, so whether you're a backyard gardener, have a small orchard, or a big crew, Barnel will help you get the job done.
  • Features
  • Perfect tip-to-tip match between blade and hook
  • Forged blade & hook
  • High-precision grind of blade and inside of hook for the ultimate cutting edge
  • Deep sap groove wipes blade clean
  • High-precision cutting bevel
  • Over-exaggerated curve design of the blade & hook ulls branch into cut
  • Center Oiler Bolt lubricates the lopper while in use and pushes out migrating dirt
  • Fully adjustable polyurethane shock absorber for super soft cushioning, is UC, oil, and water resistant